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Fall 2023 Church Project in Nicaragua

We are raising funds in Fall 2023 to complete this church project an hour from Juigalpa, Nicaragua.

There is no electricity or water in this location, however there is fresh water nearby that is accessible to this community. The old church building here was in disrepair. We are working with the local pastors and our building team to rebuild this church for the community. Please donate if you can.

See the video and photos of the building site below.

If you can sponsor this church, we would greatly appreciate it. We have an additional 8 church projects in Nicaragua and Panama happening right now. Your donations will 100% go go directly to these projects. For any projects you sponsor, please let us know if you would like updates and we will send you video updates and images of the completed churches and the congregations.

God Bless you and we appreciate you!

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