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About Wings of Promise

Since Hurricane Harvey's devastating landfall in the fall of 2017, Wings of Promise, led by Skipper Sauls, has poured into communities impacted by natural disasters. The Sauls family themselves were deeply affected by Hurricane Harvey and Tropical Storm Imelda. Each storm brought flood waters into their home.


After each storm, they rebuilt their home with the help of many. These unfortunate and difficult circumstances have fueled Wings of Promise (WOP) to Reach, Rescure, and Restore many others impacted by natural disasters. The Sauls family and WOP know what it is like to feel compassionate love in action.

Wings of Promise has rebuilt homes, built new homes, delivered aid, and fed 1000s of people navigating life after a disaster in recent years.

In December of 2021, WOP responded to Dawson Springs, KY, site of a nocturnal EF-4 tornado that killed 50 plus people and destroying much of the older part of the city.This tornado left people with nothing but a piece of land where a house once stood. Partnering with a local organization, WOP provided 1000s of meals to survivors and volunteers of this horrific event.

Wings of Promise has traveled to Dominican Republic, Nicaragua, Panama, and several other countries to serve and help communities in need of disaster relief and food. WOP has also partnered with pastors in these countries to help share the Gospel. Wings will be traveling to Nicaragua for an evangelism conference at the end of 2023.

In 2023, Wings of Promise has helped to rebuild churches in Nicaragua and Panama. WOP has completed 2 churches in Nicaragua, and has a total of 9 remaining churches in these 2 countries. The goal is to complete them by December of 2023.


Many of the churches have had damages and poor construction, which has caused rainwater to saturate the interior buildings. But this hasn't stopped churches from meeting, often in the rain. The resilience of these communities and churches is a powerful reason for Wings of Promise to try and reach and restore as many churches as possible.

Wings of Promise is 100% volunteer. All funds that are donated go directly to missions and projects. 

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